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Today is a New Day and all things of the past are indeed of the past. If anyone tries to remind you of your past, remind them that Jesus Christ has paid it all.

A Full Gospel Holiness Church

Join us for community, worship, and ministry at A PLACE CALLED THERE "A FULL GOSPEL HOLINESS CHURCH". We are A Full Gospel Holiness Church based in Lancaster, TX. We operate seven outreach ministries that help communities with food, counseling, shelter, clothing, ministry, and self-empowerment. Our focus is improving the lives of minorities, especially men of color, by building them up spiritually, mentally, and economically. In so doing, we strive to help these men reestablish their communities and help others do the same regardless of race, gender or background. 

Evangelist Allen Abrone began his career in the military ( U.S. Navy and Army National Guard ). He was highly involved in athletics and lived in both urban and rural areas, so he was exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles. He established A Place Called There in order to cater to the needs of a diverse community, with a focus on men of color.

Fearless Faith

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Free Sermons

Gain insight into the Bible and the Word of God with sermons from Evangelist Allen Abrone. Our sermons are available on CD at no charge to you. Simply contact us to request a copy. Freely God gave to us, freely do we give to you in return.

Our Mission

Spreading the gospel of peace, worldwide through holiness.

Evangelist Allen Abrone


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